55 Inch Corner Desk With 3 Drawers and 2 Shelves & Storage Cabinet

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This L-shaped computer desk is stylish and modern and will become an excellent focal point for your modern home office. This table has simple lines, a thick panel structure, and smooth rail metal legs, which is the perfect combination of function, versatility, and design in modern form. 

  • [Large Storage Capacity] Spacious desktop, 3 Drawers will help keep files neat and orderly. Open storage shelf for books, documents, etc..
  • [Multiple Use]The desktop part and the side cabinet are divided into two parts, which can be moved at will to form a look you like. A smooth finish design can be placed anywhere in the room
  • [Durable & Stable] The metal legs are sturdy and durable, with a strong load-bearing capacity
  • [Stress-free Assembly] Easy to assemble with a detailed instruction.
  • [Premium Customer Service] Please feel free to contact FUFU&GAGA if any problems occur. We are kindly willing to devote our heartwarming service to helping you.


Walnut\White\Wood\Dark Grey\Black:



Walnut\White\Wood\Dark Grey\Black: Instructions.pdf

Brown with Door: Instructions.pdf

White with Door: Instructions.pdf

Test Report


Q:"What is the length of the desk can be in the flat?" asked by Heather

A:"It is around 71.4"."Angelica on Feb 20, 2023


Q:"Can you assemble the drawers on the left side of the table?" asked by Linda

A:"This product has a reversible orientation. You can assemble the drawers on either the left or right side."Hannah on Feb 18, 2023


Q:"What are the dimensions of the package when shipped?" asked by Brad

A:"The product ships in 1 box. The shipping dimensions of the box are 5.9055" H X 59.055" W X 26.22042" D."Francis on Feb 01, 2023


Q:"How much does the desk width increase when the side table is bent?" asked by Elizabeth

A:"It is 25.6"."Richard on Jan 27, 2023


Q:"What is the length of the desk if you do it straight as a line (not L shape)?" asked by Alex

A:"It's 75.7"."Mark on Jan 20, 2023


Q:"Can you assemble drawers on the right side of the table?" asked by Safa

A:"You can assemble the drawers on the right side of the table."Crisil on Jan 18, 2023


Q:"What is the top and base material?" asked by Annie

A:"It is manufactured wood + solid wood."Mark on Jan 08, 2023


Q:"Are the drawers tall enough to hold hanging files?" asked by Justine

A:"It can't hang files."Maria Aliza on Jan 05, 2023


Q:"What are the dimensions of the knee space?" asked by Justine

A:"The knee space dimensions are 27" H x 47" W."Vince on Jan 04, 2023


Q:"Can the drawers hold files?" asked by Holly

A:"The drawers can hold many private files."Kaye on Jan 02, 2023


Q:"What are the dimensions of the smaller piece with the shelves?" asked by Dennis

A:"The dimensions of the smaller piece with the shelves are 41.3" W x 15.7" D."Marion on Dec 13, 2022


Q:"Is this reversible?" asked by Julie

A:"Yes, it is reversible."NIño on Nov 23, 2022


Q:"What is the depth of the desktop without a side item?" asked by Anonymous

A:"The depth of the desktop without a side item is 23.6"."Wellbhony on Nov 08, 2022


Q:"Can I install a drawer under the main desk?" asked by Marie

A:"No, you cannot install a drawer."Vince on Oct 26, 2022


Q:"What is the clearance from the front lip to the floor for a chair with arms?" asked by Charlie

A:"The clearance from the front lip to the floor for a chair with arms is around 26.8"."Angelica on Oct 17, 2022


Q:"Does this come with the office chair?" asked by Rachael

A:"No."Dennis on Oct 02, 2022


Q:"Is the material of the underside of the desk sturdy enough to hold an attached keyboard tray?" asked by Kristen

A:"Yes, it could hold."Katrina on Sep 28, 2022


Q:"Is there a hole in the desktop for the laptop cord?" asked by Stacy

A:"There is no hole on the desktop."Hannah on Sep 22, 2022


Q:"Can I assemble this straight instead of L shaped?" asked by Eliane

A:"Yes, it can be assembled straight."Katrina on Sep 20, 2022


Q:"Is the desk matte or glossy finish?" asked by Neha

A:"The desk has matte finished."Katrina on Sep 20, 2022


Q:"Is there a hole in the desktop for the laptop cord?" asked by Stacy Wiggins

A:"There is no hole."John on Sep 20, 2022


Q:"Would it be possible to install the desk further along the shelving section to finish with a smaller depth" asked by Freda

A:"The shelving unit of this item is not pre-drilled to the table. Therefore, it is removable and can be adjusted as you prefer."Jessa on Jul 27, 2022


Q:"Can the shelf be interchanged? Right side instead of the left?" asked by Yasha

A:"The desk is reversible. The cabinet/shelf can be installed on the right side of the desk instead of the left."Margarette on Jul 14, 2022


Q:"Can the shelf in the middle next to the drawers be removed?" asked by AJ

A:"No, the shelf in the middle next to the drawers cannot be removed."Jhonny on Jul 06, 2022


Q:"Does the white tabletop have different measurements from the oak tabletop?" asked by Dina

A:"They are just different colors, the size is same."Zykhe on Jun 05, 2022


Q:"Does it have a keyboard shelf?" asked by Holly

A:"The desk does not have a keyboard tray."Kae on May 04, 2022


Q:"Do the drawers lock?" asked by Dee

A:"The drawers do not have a locking feature."Caint Algrid on May 02, 2022


Q:"Can this desk sit on the carpet?" asked by Sheri

A:"Yes, this desk can sit on a carpet."Sarmaine on Apr 16, 2022


Q:"Are the drawers soft-closed?" asked by Sajith

A:"The drawers do not close slowly."Katrina on Apr 13, 2022


Q:"How much does this desk weigh?" asked by Martha

A:"The desk weighs 47 kilograms or 103.62 pounds."Jessa on Apr 08, 2022


Q:"Are all the legs and underframe steel?" asked by Arvin

A:"Yes, they are steel."Katrina on Mar 17, 2022


Q:"How does the upper piece stay balanced and not tip to the opposite side?" asked by Vanessa

A:"Because it requires fixed, it will stay balanced."June on Mar 03, 2022


Q:"Can the desk be built without installing the shelf so that the open space is bigger?" asked by Kate

A:"Yes, the shelf can be removed."NIño on Mar 03, 2022


Q:"Can the desk only stand on the shelving section?" asked by Adelle

A:"Yes."Fattima on Feb 25, 2022


Q:"Does this item have USB ports?" asked by Kai

A:"The desk does not have USB ports."Mary Grace on Feb 21, 2022


Q:"Is the white a bright white or off-white color?" asked by Anita

A:"It is bright white."May on Feb 19, 2022


Q:"Does it swivel?" asked by Dolly

A:"Yes, it can be swiveled."John on Feb 02, 2022

Customer Reviews

Based on 484 reviews

Perfect desk for my classroom!


Took me and a friend about two hours to put together. Came out beautiful and beneficial

Wendy Sharp

Very nice well made desk


Absolutely love this, exactly what I wanted. Easy to put together & quick shipping!


The material is great