55 Inch Corner Desk With 3 Drawers and 2 Shelves & Storage Cabinet

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This L-shaped computer desk is stylish and modern and will become an excellent focal point for your modern home office. This table has simple lines, a thick panel structure, and smooth rail metal legs, which is the perfect combination of function, versatility, and design in modern form. 

  • [Large Storage Capacity] Spacious desktop, 3 Drawers will help keep files neat and orderly. Open storage shelf for books, documents, etc..
  • [Multiple Use]The desktop part and the side cabinet are divided into two parts, which can be moved at will to form a look you like. A smooth finish design can be placed anywhere in the room
  • [Durable & Stable] The metal legs are sturdy and durable, with a strong load-bearing capacity
  • [Stress-free Assembly] Easy to assemble with a detailed instruction.
  • [Premium Customer Service] Please feel free to contact FUFU&GAGA if any problems occur. We are kindly willing to devote our heartwarming service to helping you.


Walnut\White\Wood\Dark Grey\Black:



Walnut\White\Wood\Dark Grey\Black: Instructions.pdf

Brown with Door: Instructions.pdf

White with Door: Instructions.pdf

Test Report


Q:"What is the length of the desk can be in the flat?" asked by Heather

A:"It is around 71.4"."Angelica on Feb 20, 2023


Q:"Can you assemble the drawers on the left side of the table?" asked by Linda

A:"This product has a reversible orientation. You can assemble the drawers on either the left or right side."Hannah on Feb 18, 2023


Q:"What are the dimensions of the package when shipped?" asked by Brad

A:"The product ships in 1 box. The shipping dimensions of the box are 5.9055" H X 59.055" W X 26.22042" D."Francis on Feb 01, 2023


Q:"How much does the desk width increase when the side table is bent?" asked by Elizabeth

A:"It is 25.6"."Richard on Jan 27, 2023


Q:"What is the length of the desk if you do it straight as a line (not L shape)?" asked by Alex

A:"It's 75.7"."Mark on Jan 20, 2023


Q:"Can you assemble drawers on the right side of the table?" asked by Safa

A:"You can assemble the drawers on the right side of the table."Crisil on Jan 18, 2023


Q:"What is the top and base material?" asked by Annie

A:"It is manufactured wood + solid wood."Mark on Jan 08, 2023


Q:"Are the drawers tall enough to hold hanging files?" asked by Justine

A:"It can't hang files."Maria Aliza on Jan 05, 2023


Q:"What are the dimensions of the knee space?" asked by Justine

A:"The knee space dimensions are 27" H x 47" W."Vince on Jan 04, 2023


Q:"Can the drawers hold files?" asked by Holly

A:"The drawers can hold many private files."Kaye on Jan 02, 2023


Q:"What are the dimensions of the smaller piece with the shelves?" asked by Dennis

A:"The dimensions of the smaller piece with the shelves are 41.3" W x 15.7" D."Marion on Dec 13, 2022


Q:"Is this reversible?" asked by Julie

A:"Yes, it is reversible."NIño on Nov 23, 2022


Q:"What is the depth of the desktop without a side item?" asked by Anonymous

A:"The depth of the desktop without a side item is 23.6"."Wellbhony on Nov 08, 2022


Q:"Can I install a drawer under the main desk?" asked by Marie

A:"No, you cannot install a drawer."Vince on Oct 26, 2022


Q:"What is the clearance from the front lip to the floor for a chair with arms?" asked by Charlie

A:"The clearance from the front lip to the floor for a chair with arms is around 26.8"."Angelica on Oct 17, 2022


Q:"Does this come with the office chair?" asked by Rachael

A:"No."Dennis on Oct 02, 2022


Q:"Is the material of the underside of the desk sturdy enough to hold an attached keyboard tray?" asked by Kristen

A:"Yes, it could hold."Katrina on Sep 28, 2022


Q:"Is there a hole in the desktop for the laptop cord?" asked by Stacy

A:"There is no hole on the desktop."Hannah on Sep 22, 2022


Q:"Can I assemble this straight instead of L shaped?" asked by Eliane

A:"Yes, it can be assembled straight."Katrina on Sep 20, 2022


Q:"Is the desk matte or glossy finish?" asked by Neha

A:"The desk has matte finished."Katrina on Sep 20, 2022


Q:"Is there a hole in the desktop for the laptop cord?" asked by Stacy Wiggins

A:"There is no hole."John on Sep 20, 2022


Q:"Would it be possible to install the desk further along the shelving section to finish with a smaller depth" asked by Freda

A:"The shelving unit of this item is not pre-drilled to the table. Therefore, it is removable and can be adjusted as you prefer."Jessa on Jul 27, 2022


Q:"Can the shelf be interchanged? Right side instead of the left?" asked by Yasha

A:"The desk is reversible. The cabinet/shelf can be installed on the right side of the desk instead of the left."Margarette on Jul 14, 2022


Q:"Can the shelf in the middle next to the drawers be removed?" asked by AJ

A:"No, the shelf in the middle next to the drawers cannot be removed."Jhonny on Jul 06, 2022


Q:"Does the white tabletop have different measurements from the oak tabletop?" asked by Dina

A:"They are just different colors, the size is same."Zykhe on Jun 05, 2022


Q:"Does it have a keyboard shelf?" asked by Holly

A:"The desk does not have a keyboard tray."Kae on May 04, 2022


Q:"Do the drawers lock?" asked by Dee

A:"The drawers do not have a locking feature."Caint Algrid on May 02, 2022


Q:"Can this desk sit on the carpet?" asked by Sheri

A:"Yes, this desk can sit on a carpet."Sarmaine on Apr 16, 2022


Q:"Are the drawers soft-closed?" asked by Sajith

A:"The drawers do not close slowly."Katrina on Apr 13, 2022


Q:"How much does this desk weigh?" asked by Martha

A:"The desk weighs 47 kilograms or 103.62 pounds."Jessa on Apr 08, 2022


Q:"Are all the legs and underframe steel?" asked by Arvin

A:"Yes, they are steel."Katrina on Mar 17, 2022


Q:"How does the upper piece stay balanced and not tip to the opposite side?" asked by Vanessa

A:"Because it requires fixed, it will stay balanced."June on Mar 03, 2022


Q:"Can the desk be built without installing the shelf so that the open space is bigger?" asked by Kate

A:"Yes, the shelf can be removed."NIño on Mar 03, 2022


Q:"Can the desk only stand on the shelving section?" asked by Adelle

A:"Yes."Fattima on Feb 25, 2022


Q:"Does this item have USB ports?" asked by Kai

A:"The desk does not have USB ports."Mary Grace on Feb 21, 2022


Q:"Is the white a bright white or off-white color?" asked by Anita

A:"It is bright white."May on Feb 19, 2022


Q:"Does it swivel?" asked by Dolly

A:"Yes, it can be swiveled."John on Feb 02, 2022

Customer Reviews

Based on 202 reviews

Amazing chair and desk??


My son loves the desk, arrived without any damage, relatively durable and easy to assemble takes approx 2-3 hours.


good price, functional. loved it!


Perfect fit for my business! Great style and price!


Love it. Easy to assemble. Comfortable and roomy.