In the very beginning, we were a creative and inspiring furniture design team. We defined ourselves in many ways - a small company, or just a garage studio, it didn't matter, but to ourselves at the time, we were a pioneering and stylish creative studio.
Since our team are all creative people, we didn't want to follow the rules for the name of the brand, we took a pronunciation from each of our two founders' names, FU and GA, and FUFU&GAGA was born. Doesn't it sound hasty? But we think it's one of the reasons we've been able to maintain our creativity.
Today, we have a team of over 300 people, and although FUFU and GAGA are our founders, FUFU is unfortunately not the most talked about member of the team, but rather GAGA and RIRI, who are the superstars of the entire company.

Who we are

  • Perfect price, exquisite stylish furniture
  • Affordable, Durable and Combinable

What we do

  • Make your home a cozy place with FUFU&GAGA, without financial stress
  • Make your home a cozy place, without stress
  • Best value for your home decor


  • Let more people enjoy cost-effective high-quality furniture
  • Provide full considerate service
  • Creating stylish and design furniture at the perfect price

A Commitment to

SustainabilitySustainability has been an ingrained part of every employee's thinking since Fufu&Gaga was founded. Earning money by sacrificing nature does not make any sense to us because nature is our biggest wealth. We as a company need to take responsibility for making our world a better place.

Value feedback from the community

We carry out home design activities with the community, voluntarily help the folks in the community to improve their home space, and cooperate with some designers from the local labor union. While providing job opportunities, we have built a pollution-free, noise-free, low-energy consumption office.

Put integrity first

Integrity is the basic principle of our business. With this principle as the core, all procedures of our business - design, research, production, testing, sales, distribution, after-sales, etc., will be the most sincere and thoughtful, because in actual operation, "integrity first" evolves into "customer first".

The Original Aspiration

Over the course of nearly 10 years, FUFU&GAGA has undergone a transformation.
You know, at the very beginning, we were trying to make it from ordinary furniture to customized furniture, high-end furniture, and eventually become a player in the smart home field. But as the business progressed, we realized that customized and smart furniture was always the needs of a small group of people, and it didn't help FUFU&GAGA's ideal - to bring perfectly priced furniture to everyone - but rather limited our own development! So, under the leadership of our two founders, we began to make every effort to create durable furniture at the ultimate price-performance ratio.
It turns out that furniture with a high cost-performance can also be stylish, design-oriented and high-end looking - FUFU&GAGA products have decorated more than ONE MILLION home spaces.
Today, with more than 10 warehouses around the world averaging over 2,000,000 square feet, we've gone from being a creative workshop to a rising star in the home furnishings industry with products sold around the globe.