The Pre-Sales Enquiries

If you want to ask about price, shipping time or some product inquire, we suggest you can contact us by

The After-Sale Enquiries

If you received the wrong or damaged item, we suggest you can contact us by email, please send the photos of the package label, wrong/damaged item, we will follow up the isssue for you.
Tel: 240-780-6169

To Track Your Order

You can easily track your ordered item from our website with the following steps or contact us through the above channels:
- Click the button on the top right of the page (the third one from right to left) --- to track and manage your order.

- Fill in your order number and email address on our records---to track your order and the status of the delivery.
- Click the 'track order' button---get into the delivery details.

- Click on each package to track their delivery separately.

Please note that:

- Your ordered item may contain multiple packages, one package per tracking.
- No worries, the name of the package is part of the item in general and not excatly the item name in full and offical.