Clothes Closet Storage Cabinet With Metal Handles for Small Living

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Need a place to store your clothing or abundance of stuff ? Check out this practical and good-looking storage cabinet from the FUFU&GAGA collection. A garment rod and a fixed shelf behind its left full-length door is suitable for the storage of jackets, sweatshirts, and dress coats. Other drawers and compartments are perfect for personal items such as scarves, ties and socks. It can be adapted to any room, no matter how decorated. 

  • [Large Storage Capacity] Large capacity with main compartment, shelves and drawers.
  • [Superior Design] Equipped with hanging rod, silent slides and mental handle.
  • [More Choices] Need more for storage? Choose Type 2 with a top cabinet.
  • [Stress-free Assembly] Easy to assemble with a detailed instruction. Parcels may arrive in TWO batches. Please wait patiently for taking your ideal space home.
  • [Premium Customer Service] Please feel free to contact FUFU&GAGA if any problems occur. We are kindly willing to devote our heartwarming service to helping you.



Type 1:

Width: 47.2"

Depth: 20.6"

Height: 74.2"

Type 2:

Width: 47.2"

Depth: 20.6"

Height: 77.3"



Customer Reviews

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Montana grandma
Things to know

I like how it turned out but there were some definite challenges in putting it together. This was my first piece. I did three more different cabinets after this one.

Learn how to repair stripped out holes before you have any.
Have wood glue handy should you decide to use it, supports (read on), label small containers for your hardware so much easier than looking through all those little plastic bags for the right screws when you need them (there are so many different types and sizes for a reason). Do not over tighten your screws. Make sure your cams lock, go that little extra to get that final satisfying click or clunk into place, again don't apply so much force that things get stripped out. It would be nice if they provided a little scrap piece to practice on so you could get the feel of it without it being on your actual build. Read through the instructions first so you know when you will need to use supports. Any piece that is left hanging while you ready the next piece is one that needs support .
1) there is one piece on this build that, when put on initially, has no support on the other end. In my case the weight of the unsupported end broke the particle board out where the cam was located on the attached end while I was trying to position the next piece. I have since learned to have support blocks handy ( I used leftover scraps of packing styrofoam and magazines and books to get to the right height). Doing that made a world of difference in subsequent builds, I wish I had thought of that on this piece.
2) when putting the top piece together I used the cardboard corner protectors and a ratchet strap to hold the bottom of the top piece together before enlisting help to lift the top and place it onto the bottom section. I wasn't sure how well that was going to work. Everything was fine and probably would have been without the strap but it made me feel more confident and it worked great.
3) Never try to tip the top section upright after the pins have been put in place. It puts too much pressure on them and they will tear out the mfd wood. I did not do this but could certainly see where that could happen. You definitely need two people when putting the top section onto the bottom section.
4) When installing the doors (if you don't have a second set of hands) I used an office chair with a pneumatic lift (provides some fine adjustment when you kneel on the seat to get everything to line up) and my packing foam scraps, books and magazines to hold the doors at the right height. Any height adjustable stool or chair without arms would work as long as you get it close enough to the cabinet. A larger stack of books and or foam would work too, just not as easy to move around and you can't get that fine adjustment that you do if you can kneel on a chair. Work with what you have, you'll figure it out. I eventually hung eleven cabinet doors by myself that way. The chair with the foam etc. worked perfectly to hold the doors at the right height while I put in the screws.

I replaced the hardware to match my existing decor and really like the look and the extra storage it provides. It was definitely an exercise in problem solving. Hopefully, these tips will help someone else.


I was cautiously optimistic about this when ordering, given some of the reviews mentioned difficulty with assembling. I found the assembly to be pretty easy, time consuming, but easy. I did most of it on my own and only had to recruit my husband for help twice. I desperately needed additional 'closet' storage in our 1940s Cape Cod bedroom, and this solved the problem perfectly!


What you would expect from a pre-fab product. Took about 6-7 hours to put together.

John David

It was a little testy to put this together and we are not new to this type of work. Be prepared to take your time and it will work out perfectly. It is a great product.


It was fairly easy to put up just me with one more person it definitely would have been up in 3 hours instead of 5 12 hours. I took off a star only because one of the handles from the drawers came defective trying to see if they can send me a new one.