Litter Box Enclosure With Scratching Post And Light

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Are you tired of the persistent odor and unsightly appearance that traditional cat litter boxes bring to your home? Introducing our innovative cat litter box enclosure, designed not just to contain but to enhance your cat's space and your home decor.Imagine a solution that not only effectively contains odors but also integrates various facilities, allowing your beloved feline to dine, play, and rest—all while complementing your home decor. This enclosure goes beyond just being a functional space; it's a multi-faceted haven for your cat's needs and your home's aesthetics.


  • Enhanced Observation: Are you tired of traditional litter boxes limiting your view? Our enclosure features two large doors and a small cat door, all made of transparent acrylic material. This design allows you to easily observe your cat's movements and behaviors without obstruction.
  • Security and Customization: The two large doors are equipped with locks, ensuring the safety of your cat by preventing unwanted entry from other pets. Additionally, the small cat door offers four locking modes—choose from options like 'in and out,' 'in only,' 'out only,' and 'completely closed' based on your specific requirements.
  • Illuminating LED Lights: Built-in LED lights within the enclosure offer a comforting glow for your feline friend's space. This feature not only brightens up their environment but also enables you to monitor their nighttime activities effortlessly.
  • Functional Design: The interior boasts two shelves and a small staircase, maximizing the enclosure's usable space. The shelves can accommodate cozy cushions for your cat's relaxation, while the lower space is perfect for placing a litter box and food bowls. Additionally, there's a dedicated scratching post for your cat's claw maintenance.
  • Comprehensive Comfort: Designed with your cat's well-being in mind, this enclosure combines various elements to create a comfortable and secure haven for your furry companion. It integrates essential functions while providing a stimulating environment for your cat to play, rest, and groom.
  • Easy to Assemble - Includes all hardware needed for assembly and clear instructions, and provides excellent and patient after-sales service, sincerely looking forward to your excellent feedback.



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