29.6"W Medicine Cabinet With Adjustable LED Mirror Door Wall Mount

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Our well-designed medicine cabinet combines intelligence with style and measures 29.6"W x 5.1"D x 27.6"H. This medicine cabinet features deep black tones that combine the toughness of PB and MDF with the modern feel of glass and aluminum door frames. A mirrored door with an adjustable color temperature LED light strip provides you with customized light needs. Another transparent glass door shows the cleanliness and order of the internal storage, so that you can see at a glance. The non-negligible fog removal function only needs to be turned on 15 minutes in advance to ensure that you can enjoy a clear mirror even after the bath. Durable hinges ensure the long service life of the cabinet door, even if the day after the switch, still maintain smooth as new.



  • Unique lighting design: The mirrored doors of the medicine cabinet feature three color-adjustable LED strips that change the color temperature of the light depending on your mood or needs, thus taking your sense of ceremony to the next level.
  • Intelligent fog removal function: The independent fog removal switch design allows you to warm up for 15 minutes, ensuring that you can enjoy a clear reflection of the field of view after bathing, and get rid of the annoyance caused by moisture.
  • Texture material selection: PB and MDF materials, with glass and aluminum door frames, not only give the medicine cabinet a modern and long-lasting look but also ensure that the product is strong and durable.
  • Two-door design advantage: The two-door design provides more storage possibilities. Mirror doors are convenient for daily use, while clear glass doors make it easier to organize and find items.
  • Craftsmanship: Each medicine cabinet is made with fine processing, durable hinges and door frames ensure long service life, and smooth opening and closing, excellent use.
  • Wall-mounted space-saving: With a well-designed wall-mounted construction, the medicine cabinet does not take up additional floor space, making it ideal for small bathrooms. It makes clever use of vertical space to give your toiletries and small items their own storage location, thus keeping the counter clean and spacious. This design not only improves the utilization of space but also brings a sense of lightness to the bathroom, making the whole environment look more open and comfortable.
  • Simple and Tidy: The overall design of black, is simple but not simple, whether it is a modern, industrial, or classic style bathroom, a medicine cabinet will become the key to enhancing the taste of space.



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